The Team

Jess Barker, assistant

Patrick Brown, postdoctoral research scientist
Global climate, Earth’s energy budget, climate modeling, natural variability
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Ken Caldeira, senior scientist
Climate, carbon, oceans, and energy systems
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Danny Cullenward, research associate
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Shawna Foo, postdoctoral research scientist
Adaptive capacity of marine species in a changing ocean
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Dave Koweek, postdoctoral research scientist
Oceans, coasts, solutions, coral reefs, ocean acidification, kelp forests
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Geeta Persad, postdoctoral research scientist
Climate change, aerosol/climate interactions, atmospheric teleconnections, co-benefits of climate mitigation
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Anna Possner, postdoctoral research scientist
Geophysical limits of wind energy technologies, climate impacts, boundary layer processes, susceptibilities of marine clouds and their radiative forcing
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Fan Tong, postdoctoral research scientist
Sustainable transportation, energy & climate policy modeling, life-cycle analysis, industrial ecology
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Rong Wang, postdoctoral research scientist
Aerosols, climate change, air pollution, Earth system modeling, energy policy
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